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Ahh-Yum by Kampong Kravers
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We marinate our chicken in a secret special blend of 18 different herbs, spice seeds, fragrant roots, and distinctive local ingredients.
The chicken is then deep-fried to lock in all the rempah flavours till its
crispy. Golden on the outside, flavourful on the inside. More fried rempah bits are added for that extra oomph and crunchiness.

Our promise, as always:
No Added MSG, No Added Preservatives, No Added Artificial Colouring!


Our broth are slow-simmered from fresh meat or seafood and spices for maximum flavour, maximum satisfaction.
No added MSG and flavouring.

Light Munch

Inside those buttery light layers are three generations old recipes of aromatic meat and vegetable curries fillings.
Paling best !

Dim Sum Ahh-Neka

Dim Sum means" touch the heart" and best enjoyed with families and friends.
Our dim sum selection is halal , visually comel cantik and sangat sedap! Ceh wah!!!!!